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Yes, We Sell And Install Artificial Turf!!!

The ECO Store has partnered up with Swell Energy to offer our customers independence from power outages and high energy costs!

They offer grid-tie systems, off-grid systems, and back-up power banks to existing solar panels. Swell Energy is also a Tesla PowerWall Certified Installer! For more info click on the icon below or give us a call at: (805) 500-5636

the eco store is purpose driven

The ECO Store is proud to help you with your water and energy conservation needs. Our goal is to help every homeowner and business owner find ways to conserve life sustaining resources or “Go Green”. We specialize in water and energy conservation systems such as; Greywater recycle and filtration systems, rain catchment and water storage systems, sustainable landscape design including artificial turf and stored water fixtures, and back up solar power for home/rv/camping. 

Along with our conservation systems we also offer a number of eco-friendly products from solar LED lighting to things like Essential Oils and outdoor family games. Come visit us and you’ll find something for everyone!

The ECO Store Location & Hours

The ECO Store
460 N. Ventura Ave.
Oak View, Ca 93022

Phone: (805) 500-5636

We are open Monday- Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

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Greywater Filtration

Divert greywater from your shower and/or washing machine and use it to water your landscape.

Rainwater Catchment & Water Storage Solutions

Use gutters and rain barrel systems to harvest rainwater. Store water for emergency use or.....

Artificial Turf & Sustainable Landscapes

Your one stop shop for artificial turf, installs, and supplies. We do full landscape designs using drought resistant techniques.

Back-up Power & Generators

We offer portable and/or home back-up power solutions. From off grid solar to back-up power generators.

Refill Center

Biodegradable soaps/detergents Raw ingredients to create your own scented soaps & lotions. Let your creative side shine!


ECO-Friendly Products Gallery

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We do FREE in Home Consultations!

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Points we cover on our FREE In Home Conservation Evaluations

  • Check light fixtures and go over the benefits of switching to LED.
  • Go over benefits of switching to an on-demand (tankless) water heater.
  • Locate placement of bathrooms & washing machines to see if our Greywater Filtration System will benefit you.
  • Go over options on harvesting rainwater & emergency water storage.
  • Check HVAC system for efficiency.
  • Go over sustainable landscape options to reduce water usage (artificial turf, drought resistant plants, greywater recycle/re-use, drip irrigation, etc….)..
  • Discuss emergency back-up power options (solar vs. generators).
  • And more….
  • We offer FREE estimates as well.

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For a FREE estimate leave info below and put details in the comment section on what we can help you with. Or you can simply call us at (805) 500-5636. Thanks!

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